Well I have moved on to Phase Two of the Stereo Project on the Mobius. I spent the last few weekends

Wiring and installing the new stereo. It is comprised of 6 Polk DB650s and two Clarion Amplifiers.


Here is the pics of the speakers before I started. I think half of them were blown and the other half were

Not worth listening to.

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The first step was to cut out some 1/8 inch plastic rings to take up the gap between the DB650s and the

Stock speakers. The outer diameter of the factory speakers were 7 and the 650s were only about 6.5

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Next it was time to gut the old speakers and remove the panels that cover the edges of the rear speakers.



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Working on wiring!


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Here is the completed project.


Notice there are no wires showing on the tower speakers. See my other page for that project.

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Moomba Tower Project

Moomba Load Project