I figured that I would share with all of you, the ongoing “Tower Project” on the Mobius.

So far we have done a ton of work and it feels like we have not gotten anywhere.  It took us two days

just to mount the tower speakers and run the wires.  Please feel free to check out and follow our

progress.  The next step is to wire the amps and replace all of the speakers in the boat with

Polk DB650.  The towers are loaded with Polk DB675.


The first step in the project was to drill out the bolts that hold the speaker can to the tower mount bracket.

I wanted to go for the “wireless” look.  When I ordered these from Audioformz, I asked them to make

them without the speaker terminals.


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Also, I did not want to install a “plug” or anything in front of the tower mount, so we drilled through the front

edge of the tower mount and inserted a plastic wire collar.


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We ran a 16 gauge wire that was soldered to a 22 gauge wire through the tower and out two holes we had drilled

into the tower to allow the 22 gauge wire to go through the mount and bolt we had drilled out.


Note:  It is suggested that you keep a 22 gauge wire to less than 6’, so that is why there is only a 6 to 8 inch piece

of 22 gauge wire on the end.



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Here is the completed project.


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Moomba Load Project

Moomba Speaker Project